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Whether you have built a custom home before and are familiar with the process, or are building your custom home for the first time, establishing our strategy, and creating excitement about your project will ensure we have a purposeful beginning. Our first step is a personal consultation, virtual, in office, or at your living space. A good understanding of how you currently live, the things you enjoy, and those that you would like to improve on at home, are the best way to start the conversation. We will discuss the steps and deliverables of schematics, design development, construction drawings, and involvement during the construction phase.
After the initial consultation, we have established the program, scope of services, timeframe, and design goals. A proposal is provided, and we begin immediately upon your acceptance. Pen is put to paper to develop schematic presentations. The fun begins! Integrity is never compromised in our process. We seek the ultimate design through creativity and inspiration. The client will always be a part of that development. Meaningful touches throughout the project make for an enjoyable undertaking.
Lastly, we will gladly coordinate with the contractor as part of our scope as early in the process as the client desires. This commitment to the client makes our services unique, invaluable to the client experience, and an indispensable element to custom building. We do not want to compromise luxury, true quality, nor craftsmanship.

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